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Our Story

Alright, maybe that’s a little too GOT, but none the less here we are! Kyle and Bird, who were married in October of 2017, along with their 3 kids, began scheming up this little ditty over the better part of 2018-2019 and started putting pieces into place to bring a new sport and healthy, fun adult activity to our little valley in July of 2019. Based on Kyle’s life-long learned skills, and our love for the unique, we knew that our valley was severely lacking in the “cool stuff to do around here” department and set forth to put together Cascadia Axe Co. After more than 7 months of jumping through hoops, building, planning, creating, and plotting, we were finally able to open our doors on February 8th of 2020!

Shortly after, we had to close our doors due to the COVID-19 shutdowns across the globe. Luckily, we had a strong team of supporters and were able to re-open on May 25th!

Cascadia Axe Co. offers a touch of Nordic roots, buried in Pacific Northwest soil, combining viking axes with some logging fun. We originally opened with 6 targets, 3 lanes, and a viewing deck, but now host 3 extra lanes for a total of 12 targets! We even have a full lane dedicated to our big axe throwing!

We welcome visitors of all skill levels, because amazingly enough learning to throw an axe is something that almost anyone can do!

Throwing axes is a passion for the team, but Bird does her job as resident “axepert”and axe coach with so much pride.

For your first time visit, you’ll get a safety debrief and a lesson on a couple different ways to throw. Thrown before but want to hone your skills? Maybe you want to build some confidence and get the axe to stick in the target? Bird loves to work side-by-side with throwers to make sure everyone feels great by the time their session is over. Just remember: practice makes permanent, and don’t give up! Sticking that target is the best feeling!

If you’re new to throwing, or would like a little more guidance on how to throw better, Bird  and our team of coaches would be over-joyed to show you some tips and tricks on how to throw (including the one she is known best for: the underhand throw) and get you ready for competing on one of our leagues.

We are also proud members of the World Axe Throwing League and will be hosting league tournaments. We plan on having a casual league and a competitive league. We offer WATL competition axes for use and for sale, in addition to the axes that we will soon be making in-house. That’s right, axes made in-house.

Supporting other local businesses and artists is one of the core beliefs of this venture, though. We want to provide a chance for local artists and tradesmen to showcase their work and connect with other makers. We also have partnered up with local supply stores in the valley, and are conscientious about where our materials are sourced and what local families we can support with our purchases along the way. Building a strong, healthy social infrastructure is a major focal point! In addition to building relationships with local businesses and makers, Cascadia Axe Company also provides a space to support new friendships and a great place to casually hang out.

To the core, Cascadia Axe Company is all about having a great time and making new friends. Don’t want to throw axes? We have a fun variety of board games and card games you can pick out to play! Or you’re always welcome to just come and watch people throw axes, or watch some blacksmithing/making from the viewing deck, no appointment necessary! Cascadia Axe Company even boasts a pretty nice selection of canned beers, hard ciders, hard seltzers, wines, sodas, and non-alcoholic beverages alike that you can enjoy, axes or not.

We differentiate from a traditional “bar” by toeing the line on “safety” and what is being served: something you might look for in any establishment with customers and sharp objects. Our safety rules are clearly posted and reviewed and we don’t serve hard alcohol. Beer/cider is served in limitation, so we reduce the risk of people being too intoxicated. We take fun and safety seriously!

While we don’t serve food, or plan on serving food, we do highly encourage outside food! Want to bring a sack lunch? Or have a pizza delivered? That’s absolutely ok with us! In addition to cash tips, we also adore tips in the form of a slice of birthday cake, cupcakes or other treats, or shared pizzas.

 In addition to our brick-and-mortar location, we also have a mobile axe-throwing trailer that we can bring the party to you! Our facility is always available for very unique birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events, but if you’re looking for something on your own turf, the mobile trailer is available for anything you can dream up! Want the coolest wedding reception ever? We can do that!

The goal, here, is simple; have fun! Whether it be through igniting your new passion or rekindling a childhood memory of times in the forest, Cascadia Axe Company is an inclusive home for Southern Oregon to enjoy a new axe-citing sport!