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Host your next event at Cascadia Axe Co.!

Some of the things we love to host most at Cascadia is corporate team building, company parties, and birthdays! We're also a great place to celebrate the holidays!


Are you looking for a unique experience for your team? Or want to do something everyone will remember for your company Christmas party? We've got you covered! Everything from Large Group Reservations to Private, Full Facility Rentals!


Large Groups

For groups of up to 20 people, we highly recommend booking our Large Group Reservation for adults over 18, or if you'd like to bring kids with you, book a Kids-Included Large Group Reservation! It gives you access to the back room, where you'll get all three lanes to yourself (6 targets), with chairs, tables, a dart board, and your own coach! We recommend 90 min sessions for bigger groups, but you can also just book a 1-hour session. Pricing starts at $300

And after your throwing session is over, you're always welcome to hang out upstairs and stay as long as you'd like to continue the party! Once you're done throwing, you're more than welcome to have more than our 2 beverage limit.

Groups up to 12 people
Groups up to 18-20 people $700 
Groups over 20 people see below


Extra Large Groups

We now have new, simplified pricing! For groups of more than 20 people and up to 50, you'll want to book a Full Facility Reservation. These are private events, that you'll get the entire facility to yourself! Your own private staff, all 6 lanes (12 targets) and 2.5 hours to enjoy games and the whole place just for you as we will shut down the facility to the public during your session.

That gives people plenty of time to roll in late and not miss out, or to socialize and do gift exchanges, company announcements, presentations, etc. The facility is your oyster! We also do team building games, too! So you'd be getting so much more than just a backroom to cram into.


Bring on the food!

We've had everything from catered events, to pizzas delivered, potlucks, and food trucks brought in, however you want to celebrate your event, we welcome it all! We just ask that you leave the beverages at home.

We have a pretty awesome selection of unique and hard to find non-alcoholic beverages as well (in addition to our alcoholic drinks too), you can check that out here: https://cascadiaaxe.com/pages/menu


Working With A Budget?

Pricing is also customizable, depending on group size, so if you have a budget don't be afraid to reach out and see what we can work out for you! Email us and let us know what you're looking for. We also have some Thursdays available between league seasons for a discounted rate too! Ask about our limited Thursday availability!



MONDAY - WEDNESDAY (limited Thursdays available)


Groups of more than 50 people, please email for special pricing and party reservations available on Thursdays between league seasons!



We also have a mobile trailer and ground targets to bring to your events!

We do weddings, corporate celebrations, fundraisers, employee appreciation, customer appreciation, birthdays, public events and more!

Prices start at $700 for a 2-hour minimum. Trailer comes with free delivery within a 25 mile radius, targets, professional coaches, digital waivers, axes, and a stellar experience like none other! We don't do pay-per-play like other places do, we care deeply about the sport and making sure everyone has a great time. Email us for quotes and availability for the trailer, we also love to work with budgets for the trailer too!