Bonus Leagues - Add Ons for Hatchet League


Big Axe, Duals, and Knife add-on pricing for extra league disciplines this season!

Must be currently enrolled in at least 1 Hatchet League.

  • Big Axe will run immediately following Hatchet League Thursday.
  • Duals will run immediately following Hatchet on Sunday.
  • Knife will run on Mondays at 6:30(ish).
  • If you do not have a duals partner, you're welcome to register as an individual and we will match you with a teammate! 
  • Duals and Big Axe are limited to bonus leagues only, and may only be enrolled for if you are also enrolled in Hatchet (either days).
  • Knife league can be done without enrolling in Hatchet League IF you have already done a WATL or WKTL season previously, or it can be added as a bonus!