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Over $4,000 in prizes! 




Big Axe






MEET AND GREET: 5:00PM - 11:00PM



DUALS: check-in/warm-ups at 9:00AM event starts at 10:00AM
check-in/warm-ups at 4:00PM event starts at 5:00PM



HATCHET: check-in/warm-ups at 9:00AM event starts at 10:00AM

   Cascadia Axe Company is stoked to host our first Tier 4 WATL Axe Throwing Tournament!

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Important Info

  • Our facility is licensed to sell beer, ciders, hard seltzers, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages but we do not serve food.
  • We have arranged for a food truck to be there for our tournament, but you are also welcome to have food delivered or bring some with you.
  • Food is welcomed but no outside beverages, please!
  • EVERYONE must have a waiver done before arriving and must check in with the front desk every day you are there to participate. Even if you're not competing you will still need to have a waiver done to be in the facility. Good news though: they are lifetime waivers.
  • Please make sure to leave pets at home!
  • Please wear closed-toe shoes!
  • Oregon is cold AF in winter, dress in layers. The facility is heated, but it's still cold in our area!
  • Our facility is 10 mins from MFR airport, and approximately 5 hours from PDX international. 6.5 hours from San Francisco.
  • Masks are required at this time, and will be enforced. I know, I know, it sucks, we get it. Thank you for your patience, please don't yell at the staff because we already hate wearing masks too and could use some kindness instead of harassment. No one likes the masks.




Food truck available Fatso's Cheketos




Hatchet: $2000 purse (pays to 12th place)
Big Axe: $1000 purse (pay to 4th place)
Duals: $1000 purse (pays to 4th place)