New Beer Lineup This Week!

Special thanks to Nile at Day One Distribution, we now have some very unique beers in stock!

Limited quantity available, and a limit of one per person, these beers are sure to make an impact! Some of these can also be found at Beerworks in Medford, if you’re looking to stock up!
Getting back to our roots with a killer beer selection!! This extremely limited and incredible selection will be available starting tomorrow until we run out. Limit 1 per person, even though normally you are welcome to a max of 2 alcoholic beverages per person during your throwing session!

This week:


·The Brewing Projekt Puff Tart XL Sour @thebrewingprojekt·Black Project Anteus Sour @blackprojectbeer
·Black Project Helix Sour @blackprojectbeer·Untitled Art with Humble Forager Brewery Oat Cream IPA @untitledartbev @humbleforagerbrewery
·Brouwerij West Things For Your Head Mango Hard Seltzer @brouwerijwest

·Weldwerks Brewing Juicy Bits IPA @weldwerksbrewing
·Masthead Brewing Forest Critters Double IPA @mastheadbrewing

·Wander Brewing Right Here Right Now Hazy IPA @wanderbrewing
·Adroit Theory Brewing Co Now I Am Death, Destroyer of Worlds Triple IPA @adroittheory
·Structures Brewing City of Solace Double IPA @structuresbrewing
These will be available in addition to our other beers, ciders, and seltzers!
If you just want to come hang out and drink beer, we welcome that too!
Just send a text to (541) 203-0246 to give us a heads up!

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