Are masks required?

Due to currently COVID-19 restrictions, masks are required for all patrons. You MUST wear a mask and wash your hands upon entering the facility. We have a hand washing station at the front door for your convenience!

If you enter without a mask, you will be asked to either exit and retrieve your mask from your vehicle, purchase one that we have for sale, or return with your mask another time. This is a firm rule for us.

Once you have signed your waiver, and checked-in, you can order a beverage and remove your mask to drink. We ask that you wear your mask if you are not drinking, and your coach will let you know if it’s ok to remove your masks.

If you have a medical excuse as to not wear a mask, we ask that for your own safety that you stay home and wash your hands extra.

What should I wear to throw axes?

Closed-toe shoes are our only really firm requirement (in addition to the state-required mask for COVID-19 restrictions). Other than that, we suggest you wear layers, as it may be a little cold at times! Because this is a little bit of a workout, you’ll warm up as you start throwing. It’s also hard to throw with bulky items on, like a jacket or a coat, so you may want to layer up in order to throw without a coat on.

If you forget to wear closed-toe shoes to your session, we do have shoes for rent for $5 and can sell you a pair of socks for $1. If you would like to keep your shoes instead of renting them, it’s $10 for a pair (socks included).

What is the age limit?

We are a facility for adults 18 years of age and older. And of course, you’ll have to be 21 and older to drink alcohol. Valid driver’s license, state-issued ID, or passport will be required before you can throw, along with filling out our liability waiver.

Do you need to have axe-throwing skills, or can a beginner do this too?

You can be an absolute beginner, never having touched an axe in your life, and still learn to throw an axe like a champion! It takes practice, but we have resident “axe-perts” here to help you learn to throw!

I’m in a wheelchair, can I still throw?

If you have use of your arms, you can learn to throw an axe! Our lanes are wheelchair accessible! Our coaches can help you find the best ways to throw, so you don’t have to worry.

Are you sure this is safe?

Think of this as bowling meets playing darts done at the shooting range. There are inherent risks with those activities, as with throwing an axe. We go out of our way to make sure this is as safe as possible for everyone involved. There are rules, and safety guidelines, and we don’t let anyone touch an axe if we feel they are impaired in any way.

Can I just come and watch?

Absolutely! We have a viewing area, and a place to just sit and relax if you just want to hang out. We highly encourage it!

We have board games, card games, darts, and cornhole. You’re welcome to just grab a beverage and hang!
Can you even get insurance for something like that?! That seems crazy, beer and sharp objects!?

Absolutely! We worked with an agent that specializes in axe-throwing insurance and as it turns out there are insurance companies that specialize in axe-throwing facilities across the globe!

Do I really have to sign a waiver?

Yes, but don’t worry, we made it easy on you: you can fill out a form from our website before you even leave the house! https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/v/cascadiaaxe/

Save yourself time at check-in by filling out your waiver and making sure everyone in your group has theirs done before you arrive! This will allow you to throw for longer instead of wasting time at check-in.

The best part is: we now have lifetime waivers, so you only have to fill it out once! Let us know at check-in that you have already filled out a waiver!

Do I have to bring my own equipment? Can I bring my own axe, or knife, to throw?

We will provide you with all the axes and hatchets you can throw! At this time, we only allow personal axes that are checked by an axe-pert before being allowed to throw it in the lanes. This is to protect the structural integrity of our targets, and keep everyone safe.

We will soon be expanding to include knife throwing lanes as well!

Can I take pictures or videos?

Hell yes! Please do! We love when people get excited about hitting the target and want to take a picture of their hard work! Got a bullseye? Take a picture with your hard work! Want to do a IG video? Go for it!

Is there a league for this kind of thing?

Absolutely! We will have local teams, and are a proud member of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL)! We will be hosting all kinds of great events!

Will you take reservations, or walk-ins?

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently booking by reservation only. Same-day reservations can be made here on our website, or you are welcome to call (541) 203-0246 and see what we have available!

Can we bring food?

Yes! We do allow outside food, and encourage you to stop at local vendors on your way in! There are some great food trucks that we hope to have come hang out with us often, too! Having a birthday? Bring your own cake! Order a pizza and have it delivered! We won’t have plates or utensils for you, but you can bring in whatever it is you’d like!

Please make sure that you clean up after yourself as you are leaving for the health and safety of all our staff!
COVID-19 UPDATES FROM CASCADIA AXE COThank you for your continued support in these unsure times, we know that everyone is experiencing a bit of a different day to day currently.

We are excited to hopefully be a part of getting back to some normalcy and are excited to be offering a gradual re-opening.

We will return to our normal hours and services soon hopefully, and will likely even have some exciting news for our company soon. For now we are going to be Open 7 days a week for reserved booking only. 11 AM to 10PM everyday, you can book online, or call us to reserve for a private experience with you or your small group.

We have updated safety guidelines and cleaning stations available, and will be sanitizing our facilities between groups to ensure everyone is comfortable coming out to throw!As always we will be here to continue our support for our loyal and new throwers of axe.